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Looking after the health and well-being of your body is the first step to living in harmony. These simple questions may help you steer the best course for ongoing strength and mental clarity in your life today.

Food and Fun

Did I enjoy the food I ate?

Did I snack between meals? Was it a healthy snack?

Did I drink enough water today to keep perfectly hydrated?


How much time did I spend sitting today?

When working at a computer, did I stand up and move around each hour?

Did I regularly lift my gaze away from the computer and give my eyes rest?

Rest and Recreation                                                                         

Did I go for a walk, ride a bike or participate in a sport?

How many hours did I rest and sleep today?

Did I relax with family/friends/colleagues today?

Did I meet anyone new or join a new activity?


Share the steps you took that you found boosted your physical health: