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How is Brahma Kumaris funded?

The Brahma Kumaris runs on voluntary contributions, both financial and in kind, from individuals who have benefited personally through its courses and activities. Brahma Kumaris students, inspired to serve others, choose to contribute regularly in support of the work, according to their means. There is no membership fee.

Funds from philanthropists, national or international agencies are sometimes received for humanitarian and environmental initiatives, in such fields as solar energy projects, health and education. 

Why are all Brahma Kumaris courses and programmes offered free of charge? 

From its beginning, the work of Brahma Kumaris has been based on the principle that spiritual knowledge is a basic right of every human being. It was the founder's (Brahma Baba's) aim to provide opportunities for everyone to develop their own spiritual potential, without charge, regardless of age, gender, background or financial circumstances. This ethic is practised by all participating BK teachers and students.

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