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Can anyone participate in the courses and programmes?

All adults are welcome to participate in any activity of their choice. Informal open-house meetings and visits provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the organisation even before deciding to participate in any of the courses or activities at local centres. For many of the courses and programmes, prior registration is required.

Are children allowed to participate? 

Young people aged 16 and over may join group classes and activities. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parent/carer. 

All Brahma Kumaris centres carry child-protection policies, in accordance with the laws of their respective countries and cities.

Do I need to take any precautions before learning Raja Yoga meditation?

In general, anyone can benefit from Raja Yoga Meditation. If you are uncertain or if you are suffering from a mental illness, it is advisable to ask your doctor's opinion before learning to meditate. It is also important that you do not discontinue any medication without first consulting your doctor. 

Do Brahma Kumaris centres offer counselling? 

The organisation does not offer counselling at any of its centres. It provides a wide range of courses in spiritual knowledge. Individuals are free to choose what they wish to practise.

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