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Staying healthy takes time and attention. These reflections may help you keep your mind on the positive side of life.

My thoughts

Did I read or listen to some uplifting message before I started my day - for example, a poem, a song, a message?

When I felt negative, what did I think and do?

Did I stop for one minute's meditation every hour, to control the ‘traffic' of the mind?

Did I stay in the present moment and remain mindful of the quality of my actions?

My attitudes

What did I feel about myself today?

Did I change negative thoughts about myself into positive ones?

Did I remember other people's criticism of me or the happy things I know about myself?

My actions

Did I list or review the special things I want to achieve?

Did I tell my family how much I value and love them?

Did I help anyone today?

At the end of the day, was I able to say to myself, "I have this virtue (for example, happiness) in me?"


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