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What is Brahma Kumaris? 

Brahma Kumaris (BK) was founded in India in the 1930s by Brahma Baba and now has its spiritual headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. Brahma Kumaris service outside India began in 1971 and now comprises a worldwide network of centres in over 110 countries and territories. There are currently estimated to be around one million students. It provides spiritual education and reflective practices for people from diverse cultural backgrounds, inspiring them to live according to their own higher nature and contribute towards a better world.

What are the aspirations of Brahma Kumaris? 

  • To encourage a deeper understanding of the individual's place and purpose within the broader context of life.
  • To reaffirm the spiritual identity, inherent goodness, dignity and worth of the human being.
  • To encourage a change of awareness, attitude, vision and behaviour within the human family.
  • To help individuals rediscover their latent personal relationship with the Source of all goodness. 
  • To foster a spirit of human brotherhood - every human being, irrespective of their religion, their race, their gender or their nationality, can draw profound inner strength from a relationship with their eternal Parent, the Divine.
  • To support the betterment of the human condition by remaining fully engaged in our communities and to support programmes, projects and initiatives with this rediscovered inner strength.
  • To establish a relationship between human beings and the environment based on the principle of non-violence. 

How does Brahma Kumaris fulfil these aspirations?

Through its international network of centres Brahma Kumaris offers courses in Raja Yoga meditation and a range of lectures, workshops, short courses and programmes in personal development. There are also many community outreach projects that serve a variety of local needs. 

At a national and international level, Brahma Kumaris co-ordinates and works in partnership on a variety of projects that provide opportunities for people to participate in activities of social and humanitarian concern.

How does Brahma Kumaris support the local community?

Brahma Kumaris often plays a significant role in outreach to local communities. We conduct seminars, courses and workshops on meditation, personal development and new ways of working together in the community. The courses and the presentation vary according to country, culture and local facilities. To find out about the courses(link to World of Undersatnding Courses we offer) in your area. link to Locations

These courses are held at community centres, prisons, hospitals, homes for the elderly, drug rehabilitation units, schools and local businesses. They are based on practical and applied spirituality with a view to enhancing well-being and quality of life. The content is drawn from the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. Individuals are able to deepen their self-understanding, explore and experiment with spiritual life skills for easier relationships and for greater fulfilment in life. 

In addition to Raja Yoga Meditation, courses we offer include: link to Link to World of Wisdom Courses we offer page 

  • OvercomingAnger.Understandingtheunderlying causes andsubtleformsofanger, the effects of anger on our well-being and how to use one'senergyin a more productiveway. Link to World of Understanding Courses we offer
  • Positive Thinking. Exploring the role of thought in shaping our perceptions, sense of meaning, and actions, and how to reclaim our authenticity, freedom and self mastery. Link to World of Understanding Courses we offer
  • Self-Esteem. How to re-build innate personality traits that contribute to self-respect and self-worth. Link to World of Understanding Courses we offer
  • Stress-free Living. Understanding, recognising and managing the varying levels of stress, worry, and tension, and learning some simple ways to minimise these, by making a change in lifestyle. Link to World of Understanding Courses we offer

Further support is provided for: Link to World of Hope

  • empowerment for women and men
  • environment
  • leadership
  • youth

Other areas of activity includeeducation, healthcare, interfaith and places of detention.There are also residential retreat centres, which provide a supportive and nurturing environment, where individuals and professional groups can explore meditation and the spiritual underpinnings of their personal, family and work life. (Link to World of Meditation Brahma Kumaris retreat centres)