Отображение сетевого контента Отображение сетевого контента

God is a Being, a soul, a point of light - a soul that never was and never will be a human being. For some people the word ‘God' is loaded with fear-laden memories laced with distaste. Some may prefer to worship that Being. Others may chant His names.

The Brahma Kumaris school of thought suggests that God simply encourages you to ‘link' your mind to that point of spiritual power. The simple method asks you to ‘remember' and allow space and time for that Being to guide you, if that is what you want. That's all. Once you ‘link', you will experience a beam of energy entering your being, seemingly coming from an unending reservoir of peace, love, happiness, courage, bliss and more. There is no compulsion to remember this soul, and no threats of damnation if you don't. The God point does not seek to be worshipped.

Try this meditation on the Supreme Light


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