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Spotlight Values

Spotlight Values project, designed by young people for young people, inspires exploration and deeper understanding of our inner values. We take a look at the intrinsic qualities that make us shine. By becoming more aware of our values and consciously practising them, personal change becomes possible and we begin to live differently. We want to help our peers plug into their innate greatness, so that together we can provide a current of love, hope and compassion for our world. This project was dedicated to the UN International Year of Youth 2012.

Positive Action

Pick a quality from the Virtual Virtue Wheel

  • Click on link to spin the wheel of virtues.
  • What are my first thoughts about this virtue?
  • What do I feel when I ponder on this virtue?
  • How could I use this virtue, when I wake up and begin my day?
  • How can I use it during the day in the way I act and interact with others?



National values-based programmes

Costa Rica

Workshops: How to Discover Our Inner Greatness: Steps to achieving my potential, The Art of Being Happy, Being the Hero of One's Own Lif


‘Om Café' exploring topics such as Appreciating the Self, Respecting Others, True Love and Acceptance


Workshops: Exploring the Virtue of Tolerance & Sense of Purpose: The consciousness of having a high task in life


Om Café Spotlight Values workshops: Peace & Love


Madhavi Patale, Gal Zeidman, and Dylan Murarka represented Brahma Kumaris, at the United Nations International Day of Youth 2014, held at the UN Headquarters, New York. The theme of the day was Youth and Mental Health, under the slogan 'Mental Health Matters'.


Workshop: The Power Within

Quest To Be Your Best

  • Knowing the importance of awareness in our lives.
  • What do we mean by excellence?
  • Becoming the best we can be on the basis of self-respect.
  • More information available at questbeyourbest.org


Ignite your Inner Flame - an inspiration for daily living

Accept the Past, Live in the Present and Create a New Future

Awakening the Art of Intuition - simple steps to discover the magic within.

The Profile of a Hero - how to create your reality

Feeling Great Wherever We Are